COVID Telehealth Package
Two: 70 min telehealth consultations 
Text/online follow up during package
Text/online support for 2 weeks after final consult

Achieve your personal breastfeeding goal! 


Breastfeeding Support and Guidance through:

Private lactation consultation and Virtual Sisterhood Support.  








It's all about achieving your own 

       Breastfeeding goal!


It's all about achieving your own personal Breastfeeding goal!


    Lisa Weinshenker, RN, BSN, IBCLC, is a lactation consultant who specializes in latch and supply issues for both premature and term infants. Her practice is centered in the Las Vegas area. Please take the time to explore the options for prenatal breastfeeding packages, office consultations, video conferencing consults and emergency consults by video. In person consultation during COVID is only available for emergency situations following telehealth assessment.  

Need Breastfeeding Help Now? Call Lisa at: 702-944-7437 or

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