Private Lactation Consultation appointments are now available!

All breastfeeding questions are important no matter how small!

​This is a full service one mom, one baby, one family at a time private practice lactation office. Please keep this in mind when reviewing rates and add-ons. The focus is to give each client the best possible support to meet their specific needs and goals. Insurance is no longer accepted.


Remember for every day, week, or month your baby receives breastmilk their risk for disease and infection is decreased, your healthcare costs are reduced from mom and baby, and food cost for baby is less. Breastfeeding with or without challenges is the most affordable and healthiest way to take care of your family and future.

Menu of Consultation Options:

Most moms and babies require more than one consultation to truly address the issue.

However, given recent trends I have created a per service option in addition to the full comprehensive consultation package. 

Fee Sched.: Effective May 2020

Initial COVID Telehealth Consultation Package: $200

Package consists of initial plus follow up consultation by telehealth.


Full assessment of mom, baby and breastfeeding session is done with care plan provided at each session.

Total time in consult over two visits is 140 min. with flexibility depending on complexity of case. Includes continuous access to IBCLC by phone follow up, wt checks, text, online support, and email.

Support is the key to a successful lactation journey!

Follow up packages after initial assessments come in a membership form at a significantly reduced cost (200-300 for 4-8 weeks) with unlimited in person follow ups and text/online support until 1 year of age.

Emergency in person in office visits after telehealth assessment: $100 

Refresher Service Consultation when all is well: This is best for mom's who need a refresher or a back to work or weaning consult. Telehealth fee is $50 for 60 min. (This does not include any text, online, video, or phone follow up).



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Consider this package as a baby gift! : The best gift you will ever give someone is one that will last a lifetime!

Prebooking for a new baby is highly encouraged. All visits will take place in your home limiting travel, time and stress for your new family.


If you do not prebook, the fee for a one time hospital visit is $300. 

Prenatal + Postnatal Package: $250

(Call for rates if you are expecting twins or known preterm delivery)

This is a package built specifically for those who want to ensure breastfeeding success from the beginning!  

The package includes:

  • 2-2.5 hour telehealth prenatal breastfeeding education consultation for the immediate family

  • Telehealth in hospital visits as needed. 

  • At home telehealth consultations as needed for 2 weeks post delivery.

  • Emegency in home consult x1 (if needed)

  • With this package emergency consults are done in home. This assists the new mom to settle in by removing the challenge of packing baby up and bringing baby out of the house in those early days.

  • Consultation package also includes, as needed, pump assessment prenatally, flange fitting assessment postnatally as needed, and guidance for pumping/bottle feeding prior to mom returning to work.

  • 24 hour access to IBCLC by phone, text, etc. 

  • Access to online support from mom to mom sisterhood.

Breastfeeding involves the entire immediate family, not just the breastfeeding. 

Education on breastfeeding and baby's needs nutritionally at birth can be a valuable tool to assist a family to create the space and time needed for a successful breastfeeding path.

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