Trying to find the perfect baby gift for a Breastfeeding mom?

Consider a Prenatal Breastfeeding Package or postnatal consult!!

Breastfeeding is one of the few gifts that will:

Give baby optimal nutrition out there!

Protect mom and baby from disease!

Continue to give for an entire lifetime!

And... be something that baby can pass on to the next generation!


 Breastfeeding Prenatal + Postnatal Package: $450

This is a package built specifically for those who want to ensure breastfeeding success! 


The package includes:

All lactation consultations prenatally, in hospital and at home until 2 weeks after baby arrives.. 

2-2.5 hour in- home prenatal breastfeeding education consultation for the immediate family


24 hour access to IBCLC.


Access to online mom to mom support monitored by IBCLC.

It also includes, as needed, pump assessment prenatally, flange fitting assessment postnatally as needed, and guidance for pumping/bottle feeding prior to mom returning to work.

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