Atlas 2-in-1 Pregnancy Band

Atlas 2-in-1 Pregnancy Band

Atlas 2-IN-1 Combo is the world's only pregnancy band that transitions into a complete 360 postpartum band, back support, plus hip shaper.  It adjusts as your body expands and shrinks.  Atlas offers support and uplift during pregnancy and is a proactive wrap for health goals after baby is born.  Atlas is to be worn outside of a camosole.  If you would like our Atlas pregnancy band, and can afford a little more luxury you can choose our Atlas PB and Cinch postpartum luxury wrap. 
  • Details

    Get an early start on your recovery with just one band! Only 3 Sizes

    Based On Pre-Pregnancy Waist Size/Jean Size. It is so Easy To Choose 99% Accurate

    XS-S (24"-32")- Expands To 52" and Shrinks Back To 24"

    M-L ( 33"-41") - Expands To 60" and Shrinks Back To 33"

    XL-XXL ( 42"-48")- Expands To 65" and Shrinks Back To 42"

    Support- Reshape-Tone Your Body Today!

    Product Detail:

    FABRIC; 30% Nylon, 45% Polyester, 25% Spandex(Mayo’s Clinic) Studies have shown that when new moms have better posture while pregnant especially during the 3rd trimester; it will help new moms with stamina and core strength for an easier delivery. If the spine is more erect, it will help decrease swelling, improve circulation and reduce back pain. In the 3rd trimester, women have typically gained about 25-35 pounds and there is a tendency to feel easily tired and 1 out of 10 pregnant women have back pain.